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Our intelligent Chat Bot Software can replace your first level support saving your business both time and money.

Are you finding that you are answering the same questions about your business and are therefore tying up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere? If so, we are here to help.



Our chatbot software can be easily integrated into your website in just a few minutes.


Custom phone integration allows customers to ask and receive answers via the phone just like talking to a real person.


All conversations are transcribed automatically and are able to be downloaded in Excel Format.

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The software can be thought of as a first level replacement for your basic helpdesk queries.

Despite a business having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page on its website, every Call Centre or business fields a percentage of frequently asked questions. Many people prefer to call or chat than to read. This call load can be taken by the software.

Frequently asked questions are simply entered into the software, and in this way the questions and answers and the software are tailored to your business.

A question is able to be answered automatically by the software via a chat window which can be directly integrated into your website or by a person calling a predefined phone number.

The software will then decipher the persons question and provide an answer with no interaction needed from your business whatsoever freeing up your valuable time.

Packed Full of Powerful Features

 Smart Software The software can answer questions asked in many different ways by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

 No hosting required - is Software as a Service (SaaS) and therefore no extra hosting is required.

 Easy integration with existing websites - The software can be easily implemented as either a stand-alone chat window or embedded in your existing website in just minutes.

 Telephone option available - Through a separate phone number, any incoming calls can be diverted to the software to deal with first level support questions.

 No onboarding / training of staff - The software is fully trained right from the first request and the call capacity is increased automatically according to demand.

 Save on staff costs - Integrate an intelligent chat bot into your business for only 225 AUD per month; that's less than two coffees per day  

 No busy lines - The software can handle as many inbound calls as you can send. Capacity is only limited by server capacity and can deal with potentially hundreds of thousands of calls at any one time - try doing that with a human call centre!

 Talk to your customers in their own accent - Gone are the days of robotic voices, choose to converse with your customers in different accents

 Call forwarding - The software can automatically forward your voice call to a designated phone number based on a set of voice commands that you choose at set up. E.g. “I want to talk to a manager”

 Real time transcription - All conversations are transcribed in real time and made available for download via an administration area.

 Secure - The software uses SSL certificates to encrypt network traffic keeping conversations away from prying eyes.

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